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Brutal Underground Fighting

Fight Card

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BUF 2 Card Finally Set
The BUF Heavyweight Title will be on the line with Alec Santiago going against the current champ Erich Mogel. That will be a crazy main event, but the undercard isn't bad either. Matt Warner and Frankie Salient, who have bad blood, will have a chance to put up or shut up. Another showdown involving heavyweights Mike Leagans and Rafi Cruz. The winner could very well win a heavyweight title shot.

Latest News on BUF 3
The one fight planned is a return match from BUF 1, Elisha Gaylor vs. Aaron Starr. Not a lot of people saw their first fight and thats why they're putting on the gloves again. Gaylor won the first fight but Starr wants this one bad. Another fight that will happen is the Lightweight Title fight. We only have one fighter who is ready, Jose Perez. His opponet is yet to be named. The most likly fighter to step up is Hodgskins.

Plans For The Summer
The summer is looking good for BUF. We're already looking for fights. One fight we want to happen is Matt Warner and Elliot Wickham. These two have bad blood and on top of that, they're cousins. We're also looking for more fighters obviously.

Highlights For BUF 1
The main event was Gaylor vs. Starr. It was an exciting fight all the way, but Starr took a good hit to the eye and that was all she wrote. Also Starr was in the first fight with Andy Landis. The man with his hand raised was Starr. Aaron Starr said that was a shitty night for him, but he will be back. Also the BUF Heavyweight title was open to Mogel that whole night because Leagans was inactive that night. Matt Warner steped up to the challenge. Warner was a lightweight but didn't care. As expected Mogel took the fight in the first round. 

Fighter Updates
Elisha Gaylor wants one more fight in BUF in the spring against Aaron Starr.